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Here at Sensitive Collective we believe that Sensitivity is a SUPERPOWER.
And that as you learn how to navigate, nurture, and claim your gifts as an Empath or Sensitive,
you can truly begin THRIVING in your life.

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Words of Love and Affirmation:

"My time with Laura Ann has not only led to a dramatic improvement in my physical health, more importantly she has given me tools to navigate the path home to my true self." 

~Pat K.

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Hello love,
I'm  Laura Ann,

Healing Mentor for Empaths and Sensitives, empowering you to heal from past trauma and claim your sensitivity superpowers so you can thrive in life and relationships!

Words of Love and Affirmation:

Working with Laura Ann has been transformational for me. She was the first to help me realize I am an empath. One of my big takeaways has been realizing there’s a difference between observing versus absorbing. Also, that the mind and body are much more connected than I would have thought previously. Having that awareness has helped me better manage and interact with people in my life.

Laura’s warm personality, intuitive nature, excellent listening ability and kindness set her apart...I know she truly cares. I feel very lucky to have met her and would recommend working with Laura to help gain awareness, as well as build a functional toolkit as an empath, so you can thrive in today’s world.

~ Sam F.

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