Does this sound like you?

You are tired of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

You feel things intensely and people keep telling you not to be so sensitive.

You are ready to create a life you don’t want to escape from.

You crave the empowerment to transform yourself and your life.

You want to help others but don't even feel like you can help yourself.

You have reached a breaking point in trying the same thing and expecting different results.

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You have the power to heal yourself. A Mentor is a facilitator of your innate powers to heal, grow and guide yourself.  Learning to listen, trust and love yourself is a courageous and life-long endeavor, dear one.
Every time you listen to and trust the whispers of your heart and soul, you take one step further in creating the life and relationships you desire.

1:1 Healing Mentorship

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6 Month mentorship

12 Month mentorship

...Holder of sacred space, Empath, intuitive guide and healer, I am here to empower you on your journey home back to yourself.

Hello, I'm  Laura Ann,
Healing Mentor for
Empaths and Sensitives...

Are you tired of living in a state of overwhelm?
Of being told you are too sensitive and should toughen up?
Of numbing out from all your feelings because this world is just. too. much?

Sister, I FEEL you! I WAS you! And I am here FOR you! To guide you in finally claiming your Sensitivity as a
Superpower so you can truly THRIVE in life and relationships. 

You deserve to create a life that feels in alignment with YOU, one in which you can thrive. 
As your Mentor I empower you to heal from your past and come back home within yourself so you can create a purposeful life where you feel confident, free, and joyful.

Connect with Me

Working with me as your Healing Mentor is for you if...

You think you might be an Empath and want to learn how to use
your gifts to thrive in life and relationships.

You want to heal from past trauma and learn to love and trust yourself. 

You desire self-confidence and a sense of inner peace.

You are ready to manifest the life you’ve always dreamed of living.

You feel your heart calling for you to work with me.

6 Months - Healing Mentorship

Your 6 months of mentorship will help you...

embrace your "sensitivity superpowers"
trust yourself again
deepen self-awareness 
create healthy relationships
feel hopeful and inspired about your future
feel empowered within yourself and your life
break free from self-destructive patterns

build a foundation of HOLISTIC self-care practices designed for the sensitive soul
incorporate all levels of self mind-body-spirit into your healing process
learn how to forgive, love, and accept yourself
feel more connected to your purpose
identify and release past traumas

Your 6 months of coaching includes...

18 x 50min
1:1 Coaching calls 

Unlimited email support and weekly checkins

Customized Meditation and Embodied Movement Practices

++ Intuitive guidance and full access to Laura Ann’s tools, practices and systems promoting healing and personal transformation 

++ Eighteen distance energy healing sessions

++ Your own personal cheerleader


Words of Love and Affirmation:

Working with Laura Ann has been transformational for me. She was the first to help me realize I am an empath. One of my big takeaways has been realizing there’s a difference between observing versus absorbing. Also, that the mind and body are much more connected than I would have thought previously. Having that awareness has helped me better manage and interact with people in my life.

Laura’s warm personality, intuitive nature, excellent listening ability and kindness set her apart...I know she truly cares. I feel very lucky to have met her and would recommend working with Laura to help gain awareness, as well as build a functional toolkit as an empath, so you can thrive in today’s world.

12 Months - Healing Mentorship

Your 12 months of mentorship will help you...

embrace your "sensitivity superpowers"
deeply integrate healing transformations
deepen self-awareness 
create healthy relationships
begin manifesting a new outer reality
feel empowered within yourself and your life
break free from self-destructive patterns

build your own HOLISTIC self-care practices that resonate with YOU
incorporate all levels of self mind-body-spirit into your healing process
learn how to forgive, love, and trust yourself
feel more connected to your purpose
identify and release past traumas

Your 12 months of coaching includes...

36 x 50min
1:1 Coaching calls 

Unlimited email support and weekly checkins

Customized Meditation and Embodied Movement Practices

++ Intuitive guidance and full access to Laura Ann’s tools, practices and systems promoting healing and personal transformation 

++ Thirty-Six distance energy healing sessions

++ Your own personal cheerleader


How long have you been a healing Mentor, and how did you get where you are now?


There is a saying, “you are your own first client.” And I have found this to be true. 

I have been a practitioner of the Healing Arts for twelve years. 

I began as a Massage Therapist, and this was the gateway to my own amazing healing and empowerment journey. 

Massage opened me up to my passion and gift for exploring the unseen and felt worlds, one of my own sensitivity superpowers, though I would not recognize it as such for many years to come.

Soon, I began studying all kinds of bodywork modalities, and this is how I discovered Myofascial Release, a bodywork and subtle energy technique that allows you and the practitioner to tap into your mind-body-sprit’s innate healing wisdom. This modality changed me forever and saved my life.

My experiences receiving this work and using it with my clients opened yet another doorway into the world of energy and frequency, and so I began to study Reiki and other forms of energy work, becoming a Reiki Master Teacher. 

I began to get Divine nudges to step into Coaching as a modality to serve, too, and so I became a certified Soulful Coach. 

Through all of this learning and experience of practicing the Healing Arts with others, I was also on a profound transformative journey of my own, working through healing my own Trauma and struggles with addiction, abusive relationship patterns, disordered eating, and, finally, years of chronic illness.

It was my own journey through all of this that led me to the realization that I am, myself, an Empath and a Highly Sensitive Person, and this realization helped me to find even deeper healing and self love, forgiveness and acceptance.

And this is how I found my calling and purpose work - guiding other Sensitives on their own journey to heal, love, and accept themselves so they can stop merely surviving and start truly thriving in life and relationships.

 I do this through one-to-one Healing Mentorship with my Feel-Heal-Thrive Method, a Holistic approach to healing and empowerment.

Who are your clients exactly?

My clients are people, often women, who may already identify as an Empath or a Highly Sensitive Person.

They are feeling stuck in their current reality, that they are struggling just to make it through life, and that their sensitivity feels more like a curse than a gift. 

They often struggle in one or more of these key areas: 

-Feeling easily overwhelmed in relationships
-Chronic illness and health issues (like autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia etc.)
-Feeling disconnected and like they need to self-isolate to survive
-Riddled with feelings of self-doubt
-Inability to speak their Truth (can’t say “no,” chronic people-pleasing behaviors, muting their own voice and/or Intuition)

What happens if I’m not sure if I’m an Empath or HSP?

That’s ok! 

Honestly, “Empath” is a label, and just because it doesn't resonate for you doesn’t mean you aren’t in alignment with this important Inner Work.  And we can discover together whether you are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)!

AND, very often people who are Empaths and HSP's have had to numb and block their Sensitivity to a large degree throughout their lives just to survive in the world. Often, it takes the safe and brave space of Healing Mentorship to allow for protective layers to fall away, for Sensitivity to be reclaimed as a Superpower, and for them to acknowledge and embrace their Sensitive nature.

How are you different from other “Coaches” or “Healers?”

My own unique professional journey in the Healing Arts has made me an expert practitioner in a number of modalities, and gives me a unique perspective around how to hold space for and encourage powerful and transformative shifts within the unseen and felt Inner Realms.

My personal healing journey, in combination with all of this professional knowledge and experience, makes me very attuned to the unique perspectives, needs, and experiences of my Sensitive clients.

Practically, this means you have access to my Feel-Heal-Thrive Method, a framework for transformation which I’ve distilled down through years of trial and error (with myself and my work with clients as a bodyworker, energy worker, and coach) to its most potent and powerful application. Through my Healing Mentorship you will learn how to harness this methodology for yourself and access its powerful support for the rest of your life. 

What type of personality do you work best with?

One of my Sensitivity Superpowers is my ability to work and play well with many personalities. It is a myth that all Empaths and HSPs are Introverts or quiet and meek. Sensitives are as diverse in personality and identity as the rainbow. That being said, I invite people into Healing Mentorship who are excited (excitement can feel like anxiety, too:) and ready to show up fully to do this work together. 

What is expected
of me?

Showing up with intention, dedication, and consistent action. Open mind and heart to try on new perspectives and new ways of doing things to achieve different outcomes…no excuses, just a very fresh approach (way of thinking and acting) with tons of loving support as you lean into this transformative experience.

Is there anyone you aren’t a good fit to work with?

I’m not a good fit to work with someone who is still very tied up in, and unaware of, a victim mindset. This is NOT a judgment on someone who does have a strong victim mentality! It’s just that for our work to be as effective and as potently transformative as possible, it takes welcoming someone into the container of Healing Mentorship who has done enough foundational inner work with themselves to not be neck deep in victim mentality.

I will only work with someone one-on-one if I truly believe that my Healing Mentorship is the right aligned next step that will get them the support and results they are looking for.

My Empath’s Guide to Thrive is an excellent free resource and I have a series of masterclasses, too, both are foundational, very accessible, and supportive!

How do you help your clients see results?

Over the years working as a Healing Arts Practitioner, I have fine tuned the 
Feel-Heal-Thrive Method.

In the container of one-on-one Healing Mentorship, we go through this method together not only to facilitate transformation through the process, but to also help you learn how to do this for yourself, and so continue to heal and grow using the Feel-Heal-Thrive Method long after you leave my Healing Mentorship.

The Feel-Heal-Thrive Method

Step1 - Holistic Assessment
→Variety of tests and assessments to fully take in where you are in the NOW
→Create a supportive resonant self-care resource as soon as we begin

Step 2 - Roadmap
→ Now that we know where we are starting, what is our heading? What needs to be our first key areas of focus? 
→ Create a rough guide for the "HOW" we are working with Mind-Body-Spirit, charting a general course the we will re-evaluate and reassess as we progress

Step 3 - Alleviate
→Where is it hurting NOW? How can we alleviate the "symptom" and bring both relief and some space for movement?

Step 4 - Excavate
→What might be some of the deeper root causes?
→How can we bring healing & awareness to these deeper root issues within Mind-Body-Spirit?

Step 5 - Reassess
→ Is it time to shift to a new priority/area of focus?
→ Is the Roadmap still aligned, or is course correction needed?

Step 6 - Take in the View
→ Celebrate your WINS!!! Admire the View!!! And if it's a stinky swamp, well, that's ok! Accept where you are NOW, see where you have been, and look to where you want to go.

Does this really

Yes! This framework and approach gives us structure that allows for a highly customized, holistic, and organic experience so we can shift and pivot as needed, real-time. And, as stated, you are also learning through doing this together how to do this for yourself.

What results can I expect?

This can be a tricky one to answer because the experience is so highly customized and individualized, and truly organic, and everyone is at a different place in their own journey.

That being said, you can expect to:

-Learn the Feel-Heal-Thrive Method for yourself
-Deepen your self-awareness 
-Learn new ways of supporting your own Mind-Body-Spirit
-Embrace your Sensitivity as a Superpower
-Build a Foundation of Holistic Self-Care
-Support healthier relationship dynamics, within yourself and with others
-Feel more empowered within yourself and your life
-Recognize and more easily disrupt and step out of self-destructive patterns
-Feel more connected to yourself, those you love, and your purpose
-Identify and release deeper layers of past traumas
-Lean into trusting yourself and your own intuition
-Experience shifts within your Health and Relationships
-Feel healthier and more vibrant

How quickly can I expect results?

Of course, this will depend on you, how much healing and Inner Work you have already done, and how much/the way in which you show up within the container of Healing Mentorship.

That said, my clients usually start feeling and seeing the results of their work significantly within the first two months. 

How can I guarantee that I’ll experience deep, lasting results?

Show up to all of our calls, be open and coachable, be curious, and do the work that we determine is needed together through the process. Be honest with yourself and with me when you need help and ask me for it, this is a big part of the process. Pretending you are “fine” when you are struggling will only create disconnection and resistance to the process.

Understand there is no magic pill or quick fix, that this will take work, and that you are totally equal to the task! This is about planting seeds, watering and caring for them with consistency, curiosity, and patience, over time so they can bear fruit you can enjoy, and the process that will support you in doing this for years to come.

Will I get a return on my investment into
one-to-one Healing Mentorship?

Yes, a resounding Yesss!!! Think about all of the ways (energetically, mentally, emotionally, physically, as well as financially) right now in which you are showing up for yourself and in your life that are actually INHIBITIVE and LIMITING. 
Now, imagine what is possible for you when you learn to embrace your sensitivity as a superpower, deepen your self-awareness, heal at deeper levels, and learn a reliable system that will support you in continuing to heal and grow and step into the greater visions you have for yourself and your life?! The ripple effect in all areas of life is phenomenal. 

How will we work together and what does your one to one Healing Mentorship entail?

I’ve created a structure, a container, that yields optimal results for healing, for learning, and for INTEGRATION of this work.

This looks like a combination of one-on-one weekly coaching calls, distance energy sessions, intuitive Oracle Card readings, trauma-informed “True to You” embodied movement practices, a Holistic approach (Mind-Body-Spirit) to the work, full access to my Masterclass Series, email and Voxer access to me M-F, and access to me as an Intuitive Guide and Channel throughout our time together.

We are co-creating this journey together. My approach to mentorship is rooted in EMPOWERING YOU to see, know, and feel yourself more clearly, so you can continue to make more and more aligned decisions and take more aligned actions.

How long is mentorship with you?

I offer a 6 month and a 12 month container for One-on-One Healing Mentorship.

Do people ever extend past 6 months?

Yes! I have clients who have extended to 9 and 12 months.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, I accept both credit and debit cards.

Ok, I know I want one-to-one Healing Mentorship with you, how do we get started?

Amazing! Please book a free Discovery Call with me so we can connect and dive deeper to see if we are in alignment to work together.

book free discovery call

If I’m not sure I’m ready to get started, how can I sample your work at a lower investment level to see if it’s a good fit for me?

I totally understand! I recommend enrolling in one (or all!) of my Masterclass Series. They are foundational pieces to the Inner Work needed for healing and transformation.

 I don’t have a ton of time to spare.
How much time do I need for this work?

I recommend having at least 2-3 hours a week dedicated to doing this work. 

Ok, I’m ready to do this for myself, but I have a couple of additional questions. Can I call you?

Yes! Amazing! Please book a free Discovery Call with me so we can connect and dive deeper to see if we are in alignment to work together!

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